ACM Çankaya Student Chapter

Yönetim Kurulu

Nazlı Yanık


2014-Still in progress.

In 2015, I started the Department of Mechatronics Engineering at Çankaya University. In 2016, I transferred from mechatronics engineering to electrical and electronics engineering. During my ongoing license life, I was careful to be innovative, to generate ideas, to communicate in writing and verbally, and to develop them. I have been trying to improve myself especially in the advancing technology and R & D world. At first I tried to understand the theory part of the work and then to practice the theoretical knowledge that I learned. I joined the “ACM CANKAYA GROUP” to further develop these subjects. It is one of my first goals to be innovative in the community and to produce future projects and to engage in team work. In addition, I use the programs that I have learned in my undergraduate program and other activities which I try to spend actively on the projects that I try to pass on. In this way we continue to develop and develop innovative projects in both business and individual life.

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Digital skills :Inventor,MATLAB,C ++,PROTEUS,ARDUINO